How it all started

The GoodHuman platform empowers people to connect with each other to access, provide and celebrate great support.

Our story

GoodHuman was founded in 2018 by Jonathan Murray. Having spent decades helping his family navigate the complexities of managing disability support services, it had become clear to Jonathan that human services should benefit from the kind of technological innovation that so many other industries take for granted.

Taking his background in creating powerful digital products that solve big problems, he assembled a team as equally passionate as him and kicked off a co-design process with leading disability support providers across Australia.

Since then, the team has grown but the vision has stayed the same:

To make universal support a cornerstone of the human experience

This means choice and control for everyone accessing support services, regardless of where they are born, who they know, or how much money they have.

To achieve this, the GoodHuman team works every day towards creating a platform that removes the barriers standing in the way of people providing and accessing support – so that everyone can enjoy the extraordinary experience of leading life the way they want.

Join the team

We are always on the lookout for talented humans looking to make a meaningful contribution with their careers. Check out our careers page to join our quickly growing team!

Life at GoodHuman

The values we live by

We act with empathy for everyone who wants support and those who provide it, and every member of the GoodHuman team is empowered to act on their behalf. We evaluate our work from our customers' perspective and judge our performance by our reputation.

We believe in the limitless potential of human goodness powered by community, collaboration, cooperation and teamwork. This means bringing in fresh and diverse perspectives, forging unexpected partnerships, and sharing information and knowledge widely where others would not.

We are committed to the never-ending pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our work and culture, and we are not afraid to test, fail and learn in the pursuit of audacious goals.

We celebrate creativity and courage in service of creating better outcomes for people. We are knowledge-seekers who know that the more we understand systems of support, the way people engage with them, and the ways they let them down, the better the change we can create.

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