Manage NDIS group services on GoodHuman

The only purpose-built tool that connects all the moving pieces and people involved in delivering group, centre-based and supported employment disability services on one easy-to-use platform.

Automate repetitive tasks

Unlock hours that would otherwise be spent on admin each week by automating repetitive tasks using workflows.

Session Management

Set and forget the schedule for regular recurring centre-based and group activities so that you only have to manage by exception when cancellations or changes arise. GoodHuman’s advanced warning system will let you know when something needs your attention – including outstanding customer notes or overtime.


Put the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Limits guide away and leave the calculations to us. GoodHuman automatically generates invoices – including apportioning group fees and claims for non-face-to-face support, capital centre costs and travel – based on the details of each booking and the relevant line items listed in each customers’ service agreement.


Simplify your rostering process with a smart system that helps you to easily manage changes on the fly. If you need to fill a shift, GoodHuman recommends team members based on details like their qualifications and the support ratios required for the session. Or, you can simply broadcast shifts to all eligible team members at once.

Group and centre-based services made easy

Watch to learn more about managing group and centre-based services on GoodHuman.

Let your team focus on what’s most important

Relieve the admin burden from your frontline staff by letting them manage their roster, timesheets, customer notes, incident reports and more all from the GoodHuman business app. Less admin and easier access to critical customer care information helps team members focus on what’s most important — providing great support.

Connect with customers on their terms

Put choice and control in your customers’ hands by inviting them to manage their care information and bookings with your organisation from the GoodHuman customer app. Instant messaging lets you communicate easily with everyone in the group, or directly with individuals and their legal guardians before, during and after bookings.

Get everyone working together (at last)

Great things happen when humans are better connected. To learn how GoodHuman can transform how your organisation delivers your group, centre-based and supported employment services – check out the on-demand group services webinar.

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