Frequently asked questions

If you already have a GoodHuman account and are looking for tips or help with your account, simply login to the GoodHuman Help Centre to explore user guides and learn more about using GoodHuman.

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About GoodHuman

What is GoodHuman?

GoodHuman is a purpose-built platform for NDIS disability support organisations. As a connected operating system, GoodHuman includes customer and workforce management, rostering, timesheets, invoicing, incident reporting and digital service agreements — providing you with a single source of truth for your whole team to work from.

The connected platform includes a workspace for your organisation’s admin staff, a business app for your frontline workers and a customer app to connect with NDIS participants.

  • The workspace is a web-based solution for your admin team to manage your customers, workforce, rostering, bookings and invoicing.
  • The business app is a mobile app for your frontline workforce to manage their schedule, see customers’ support needs, check-in and out of bookings, submit customer notes, link activity to NDIS goals, claim travel costs and other expenses.
  • The customer app is a mobile app for NDIS participants and legal guardians to manage their budget, track invoices, see their schedule, book services and send messages to your team.

Who is the team behind GoodHuman?

GoodHuman was founded in 2018 by Jonathan Murray who wanted a better way to help his family discover and book trusted support services from their local community. From day one, GoodHuman has worked with incredible disability organisations who share our vision for a more connected way to deliver support. Our Melbourne-based team has now grown to over 20 employees who all care deeply about our mission to create a platform that empowers people to connect with each other to access, provide, and celebrate great support. 

When did you launch?

GoodHuman launched in early 2021 and we are now working with some of Australia’s largest and most respected disability support organisations. We work closely with our clients to co-design the experience and plan our product roadmap.

For Business


What is the main difference between GoodHuman and other NDIS software providers?

GoodHuman is the only platform for NDIS disability support organisations that syncs information in real-time through a connected operating system, putting your customers at the heart of the experience. With everyone working on one connected platform, automated workflows save hours of time that would otherwise be spent managing customer bookings, rosters and timesheets, as well as manually processing NDIS payment requests.

As repetitive tasks are automated for you so that you only ever have to manage by exception, the GoodHuman platform’s advanced notification and warnings system draws your team’s attention to tasks that require action — and automation completes the rest.

Does GoodHuman support all NDIS support categories?

You can manage all NDIS support categories on GoodHuman, including one-to-one support, capacity building, group-based activities, supported employment. Supported independent living, support coordination, plan management and allied health coming soon.

Does GoodHuman support funding sources other than the NDIS?

Yes, you can support clients with multiple funding sources using GoodHuman — and we’re adding more all the time. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How much does GoodHuman cost?

GoodHuman is offered on a subscription model charged at a monthly fee of AU$25 per team member per month. (The minimum cost per month is AU$250 for up to 10 team members).

There is no charge for your clients and their family members to access and connect with you via the customer app.

Can I integrate GoodHuman with my finance and payroll system?

Yes, you can easily integrate GoodHuman with your existing software using our open API infrastructure. GoodHuman has a growing number of integrations available out-of-the-box. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

Can we organise a free trial?

Let’s do it! Book a kickoff call with a member of the GoodHuman team today. 

Getting Started


What is your onboarding process?

Your GoodHuman onboarding process will be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs. Our team will work closely with you throughout regular check-ins to configure your platform, migrate data, train your team, plan system integrations and ensure your ongoing success on the platform.

How do my team and customers join GoodHuman?

When you are ready, it’s easy to invite your customers and team members to join GoodHuman. From the workspace, you will send a pre-filled email and text message invitation to your customers and front-line team members with a link to download the GoodHuman customer app or GoodHuman business app.

What customer support is available?

Our Melbourne-based customer success team is available during business weekdays, 9-5 pm AEST. You will also have access to a comprehensive Help Centre with step-by-step support articles for every workflow across the GoodHuman workspace, business app and customer app. Your team and customers can access these articles in the workspace or mobile apps.

I’m an NDIS participant, how do I sign up to GoodHuman?

The GoodHuman customer app is only available by invitation from disability support organisations using GoodHuman for business to manage their services. If you have received an invitation from your service provider to join GoodHuman, simply download the app from your preferred app store and log in with the account details you were sent in your email or text message invitation.

If you would like to start managing your services on GoodHuman and have not received an invite from your NDIS service provider, talk to them about switching to GoodHuman today!

I’m already a user of GoodHuman and I need help. Where can I go?

  • Looking for tips on using your account? Access the Help Centre using your GoodHuman username and password to explore articles.
  • Looking for your link to the workspace? Access the workspace.
  • Having trouble accessing the business app? Please get in touch with your employer for help to reset your password or account.

If you are still having trouble logging in and the above steps aren’t working for you, contact us today via or 1800 HUMANS.

Data and Privacy


Where is your data stored?

GoodHuman is a Google Cloud partner with all data stored locally in Australia.

Can I control who has access to which data?

Yes, GoodHuman’s permissions infrastructure gives you complete control over who can access information within your platform at any given time.

Customers can control their personal care information via the GoodHuman customer app. GoodHuman is compliant with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest to safeguard your organisation’s data. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more detail.

Can I export my data?

Yes, your data is yours. You can access it at any time via our open API infrastructure. 

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