Product Roadmap

Learn about planned updates to your GoodHuman platform

Last updated: 04 March 2021

We release powerful new features to the GoodHuman platform often. This page features our planned new feature releases.

To see the most recent releases that have gone live in GoodHuman, visit this page using your GoodHuman account login.

If you have a great idea about how GoodHuman could help you make more impact in your organisation through the workspace, business app or customer app, we’d love to hear it. Send new feature requests to A member of our team may follow up for further detail.

Coming soon

The features in this section are currently in development and testing for upcoming releases. The most exciting features that are closest to release often include videos or screenshots so that you can familiarise yourself with new features before they launch.

Managing bookings with multiple customers

New universal controls allow team members to check-in, check out and submit customer notes for all customers in a booking – saving time and eliminating extra admin when it’s not required. The billing and invoice for the booking will automatically be split correctly between customers according to the settings on the service and the NDIS price guide.

example of a booking with multiple consumers in the GoodHuman workspace

NDIS price guide versioning

Your GoodHuman platform stays ahead of NDIS price guide changes and applies the correct pricing to your bookings – ensuring accurate invoicing up to, and including, the day new changes come into effect. Editing line times with custom pricing is simple if you choose to set your own prices or defer price increases. All bookings are automatically updated with new prices as they are updated by the NDIS.

Location-based rostering and notifications

GoodHuman uses the location information on bookings and from workers to help you roster smarter and ensure your workers know how long it will take to get to their next shift. This feature makes filling shifts last minute particularly easy based on which workers are nearby.

Quote tracking on service agreements

Service agreement quotes forecast an estimated spend based on the NDIS pricing guide, booking cadence and duration of the agreement. Customers and team members will be able to track the amount invoiced to-date in real-time against the plan quote for each line item. This increased visibility over each service agreement quote lets customers see at a glance through the customer app when they are pacing ahead or behind on their quoted spend so that they can better manage their bookings and budget.

example of service agreement with billing forecast and delta in the GoodHuman workspace

In development

The features in this section are in concept refinement, design or early-stage development.

Rostering updates – including matching team member skills to customer requirements

Enhancements to the rostering tool include:

  • Using skills and certification data, as well as customer preferences to recommend the best team member for each shift
  • Processing rosters and timesheets for payroll
  • Fortnightly view of shifts and bookings
  • Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services (SCHADS) warnings

Group bookings

Build skills-based rosters, manage customer preferences, activities and schedule changes for group bookings easily using the group bookings tool.

Supported independent living (SIL) rosters

This feature makes creating rosters based on SIL resident’s schedules or roster of care and staff availability simple. Custom templates will save you time each rostering schedule while giving you the flexibility to make edits when plans change.


Keeping track of staff expenses and reimbursements will soon be as simple as clicking “approve” using the expense management tool. Team members will add expenses to the booking expenses via the business app as they check out, saving admin for them and allowing you to have all of the invoicing information you need in one place.

Customer profile UI updates

The new intuitive customer profile layout allows for easier navigation so that you can find the customer information you need quickly and easily manage profile content.

example of new customer profile design in GoodHuman workspace

Smart notifications

A new way for workspace users to manage their day, smart notifications will include a list of daily tasks based on each team member’s unique role – in addition to triggering notifications for further action items throughout the day. Think of it as your daily to-do list, but better.

Enhancements to billing automation

Updates include:

  • Service templates to save time on repetitive admin
  • Ability to specify line items at the booking level
  • Billing exceptions and customisation for specific customers
  • Ability to group related line items

Customised price lists

Create custom price lists for services that fall outside of the NDIS guide. The line items in custom price lists will be available when creating services and invoices will automatically reflect your custom pricing.

Business app enhancements

New functionality and a refreshed interface make the task of managing bookings – including checking in and out of shifts and submitting customer notes – using the GoodHuman business app easier than ever before. Example of GoodHuman business app homepage showing "today's bookings" and another example with an example of the worker checkout panel up

Certificates, qualifications and tags on support worker profiles

Designed to inform the new GoodHuman rostering feature, the new fields available on team member profiles allow you to add certifications and qualifications, as well as custom tags. This information makes rostering faster and easier – with the GoodHuman platform recommending workers that best match customer requirements for each booking.

Real-time NDIS integration

For business users, the NDIS integration makes uploading bulk payment requests to NDIA a thing of the past. Instead, payment requests to NDIA will be automated as part of the invoicing process.

Incident reporting workflows

Create and automate customised workflows so that when incidents are reported, the notifications required for your team to take the actions to work towards a resolution are triggered.

In planning

The features in this section are up next to go into development.

Business analytics

See the profitability of your services, team member utilisation rate, customer booking growth and more using the GoodHuman business analytics dashboard.

Payment processing

Invoice for services or items that fall outside of NDIS funding using our new payment processing system. GoodHuman partners with Stripe for payment processing to ensure security for your customers and reliability for your accounts team.